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March 1, 2020 / 

Gold award at bbo 2020

Anthony, IB1 scores gold award at British Biology Olympiad

Congratulations to Anthony for representing Westbourne School at the 2020 British Biology Olympiad and scoring a gold award!

Only 6.2% of all participants were able to score a gold award and Anthony was well above the boundary. Out of the 9 520 students from all around the world he was in the top 16 students!

The British Biology Olympiad is known for challenging and stimulating those with an interest in biology provoking them to show and expand their talents. It is a competition open to those in post-16 education in schools and colleges that consists of two 45-minute multiple-choice papers that are taken under staff supervision.

Next year Anthony is in IB2 and is hoping to achieve an even higher result!

Here is what Anthony had to say about his achievement:

“I could not have achieved my goal without the support of Mr. Tucker and Westbourne School. I am extremely grateful for the guidance and support Mr. Tucker gave me. It was a tough challenge, facing many strong competitors. I felt the odds were stacked against me since the majority of participants are in Year 13 and are studying A level. In the end, I confidently proved that I can stand as high as the others in the top 16! That burning passion is still inside me, and I can feel the urge to push myself more and more, to improve myself as best as possible!”

by https://www.westbourneschool.com/news/gold-award-biology-olympiad


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